OrthoDx is an Australian molecular diagnostic company est. in 2016 by Dr Antony Rapisarda


November 16, 2022

OrthoDx is an Australian molecular diagnostic company, established by doctors for doctors, with a commitment to changing the future of orthopaedic diagnostics through genomics.

Founded by Dr Antony Rapisarda in 2016, Antony set out to solve the global problem that patients, surgeons, and hospitals face when testing for joint infection.

Every day, millions of people around the world present to their healthcare providers with undifferentiated joint pain. The consequences of getting this diagnosis wrong can be devastating – infection can be life-threatening.

However, typical wait times for culture results are approximately 48hrs, and the true positivity (accuracy) of these tests is around 14%. Meaning they are inconclusive more than 80% of the time.

Antony developed Synvichor based on the results of the ELIJA clinical trials across Australia.

Synvichor is a novel genomic signature assay that delivers rapid, accurate and reliable results at the time of patient presentation.

Synvichor uses established PCR techniques and molecular medicine to read the patient’s own immune response and report this information as either infectious or non-infectious joint inflammation, in as little as three hours.

With up to 95% negative and positive predictive value and results in ~3 hours, Synvichor provides rapid and reliable differentiation of joint pain.

That could be the difference between an easy recovery at home or rapid treatment in hospital.


If you would like to know more about the world’s first genomic PCR test for rapid differentiation of joint pain, please get in touch with us today at info@orthodx.com.au


Dr Antony Rapisarda

Antony developed Synvichor based on the results of the ELIJA clinical trials across Australia. Previously, he was involved in the successful development and commercialisation of SeptiCyte™ technology for Immunexpress in Seattle USA.

Antony is a medical doctor who spent 5 years training in orthopaedic surgery in Australia and is a PhD candidate in molecular genomics.

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