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OrthoDx is revolutionising the orthopaedic landscape with Synvichor* – the world’s first genomic PCR test for rapid differentiation of joint pain.

*Synvichor is not approved by the TGA. For Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Trusted by local and global clinical partners

Trusted by local and global clinical partners

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Every day, millions of people around the world present to their healthcare providers with undifferentiated joint pain.

With Synvichor, the guesswork has been taken out of diagnosis.

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Redefining diagnostic excellence

  • Developed by doctors, for doctors, Synvichor redefines diagnostic speed, accuracy and reliability.
  • Synvichor Native and Synvichor Prosthetic provide an unprecedented solution for every joint type, every time.
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Delivering tomorrow’s technology, today

By harnessing the power of the immune system, our world-first gene expression technology sets a new medical standard globally.

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